A Writer of Unusual Strangeness

Writer of Unusual Strangeness

I’m Indian-born and Dubai-raised with a combination of an English education and American television, so I’m a bit of a cultural nomad. I’ve always loved writing, but I’ve spent more time loving the idea of it than actually doing any. After a few recent changes in my life, I’ve decided to pursue writing as a full-time career and as a (hopefully) very active hobby.

Stories of the bizarre and fantastical have always fascinated me, from the fairy tales of childhood to the sci-fi and fantasy entertainment of my adult life. I’ve been itching to pen my own stories for a long time, but I’ve always held back. What if I can’t finish a tale? What if it’s no good? What if nobody reads it? A flock of such what ifs perched on my shoulder, weighing me down and ripping at my flesh with their pointy beaks. Perhaps writing would survive only in my imagination.

But as I became a professional writer, I decided that old hobby needed to be let out of its cage as well. So I shooed away those what ifs, picked up my pen, and promptly put it down again. Instead, I went to my keyboard and started writing stories there. Thus, Tales of Unusual Strangeness were born and released into the wild.

It was my intention to post a story every week, but I was having trouble writing on a regular schedule. Eager to hone my skills, I joined the Writing 101 course on WordPress and one of the assignments, which involved telling a story in the fewest words possible, got me hooked on the idea of 50 word stories. Short stories have always been my favorite, and I much prefer picking up an anthology than a full-scale novel. Micro stories? That sounded even better!

So I’ve changed things up a little bit from my original plan. I will be posting a 50-word story every day (more or less), with the occasional longer story thrown in whenever I complete one. It should keep things fun and let the imagination of the reader (that’s you) run wild trying to fill out the edges of the little worlds I create.

Additionally, you can check out my professional work as a food blogger at VeggieBuzz, or my personal blog, Stranger in a Strange Mind, where I ramble on about my life and various random topics. You can also have a look at my About page on that blog for a more thorough background on me.

9 thoughts on “A Writer of Unusual Strangeness

    1. Aww, thanks Carisa!

      I’ll definitely participate, though it might take me a while to get there. Since this blog is pretty much reserved for fiction, I’ll accept your nomination on my other blog (and try to not make it confusing for everyone).


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