A to Z Challenge: Zero






No matter how much he thought about it or how many hours he spent staring at his monitor, Zach just could not think of a good way to end his story.

The plot had hurtled along at breakneck speed, all the major conflicts in the plot had been resolved and his protagonists had emerged victorious but forever changed by their experiences. How could Zach best convey the end of their journey (while teasing the possible beginning of many others)?

He had absolutely no idea.

There had to be something spectacular about it, something that would leave the reader gasping for more. Some sort of hook. Some –

Zach looked up, startled by the creaking of his study door as it opened and an unexpected visitor stepped through.

He gasped in disbelief.


A to Z Challenge: Youth




A time when

Immaturity and

Immortality collide.

We are forever young,


In our minds.

Forever untarnished by age,

And the darkness hidden

In the heart of the world.

In youth, we believe

We have found answers.

Only later do we discover

We have nothing but questions.

Youth is a time

Of innocence,

Of discovery,

Of freedom.

It is a time to be treasured

And to be enjoyed,

From moment

To moment.

Such a pity it is then

That youth

Should be so wasted

On the young.

A to Z Challenge: X Marks the Spot



Just follow the X.

That’s what Xev had been told, and that’s what he intended to do.

He’d followed the trail on the map to an uninhabited island in the Mediterranean, one that didn’t show up on any other maps or globes.

Finally, Xev would have what he’d been searching for all these years.

At the site marked by the X, buried in the depths of this forgotten shore, Xev would find a small urn that contained the most precious greatest treasure of all: his soul.

A to Z Challenge: Winston Wilson



Winston Wilson was

A man with a winsome personality and a winning smile.

His wily charms made him irresistible

To women young and old.

He wooed wives and waifs with his wits,

A wolf in a white suit

Was Winston Wilson.

And wherever he went,

He left only weeping women behind,

Woestruck as they had been swindled

By the wicked Winston Wilson.

While walking one wintery morning

He came across a young widow,

Who would not be wooed by his whimsy,

His winsome charm,

Or his winning smile.

For the first time,

Worry creased the face

Of the wily Winston Wilson.

The widow wove for him instead

A tale that withered his heart.

She wailed in sorrow as she told him

Of the woes that she had weathered.

Winston Wilson could not stop himself

From weeping for the poor widow.

And as he wept,

He felt himself grow weary.

The woman smiled,

Teeth as white as the winter snow.

For she was a witch,

Wandering in search of a wicked soul

Whose sins she would wash away

On a wintery morning,

And whose withered soul

Would then be hers to claim.

So it was that

Winston Wilson and his wickedness

Wasted away in front of her eyes.

The witch walked away, content,

Leaving behind only a white suit

Lost against the winter snow.

From that day, amongst the women,

The wives, the waifs and the widows,

Not a whisper was heard

Of Winston Wilson

Or his wily, wicked ways.

A to Z Challenge: Vortex



Violet stared into the vortex that had opened up rather unexpectedly in her bedroom wall. Colors of all tones and hues swirled around in it, including some that she couldn’t even identify.

Where the vortex came from, or where it led to, she didn’t know. She didn’t really want to know. But she couldn’t stop staring at it. It was mesmerizing.

What secrets lay hidden within? Was it a gateway to another dimension? Another universe? She had no way of knowing. Unless…no. Her fingers hovered inches away from the swirling vortex. Perhaps she could just take a peek at the other side.

The vortex brightened, its colors blending together to form a blinding white sphere. Someone, or something, was coming through.

One clawed foot, attached to a leg made of some dark metallic substance, clanked against the floor. It was followed shortly by five more, attached to a horselike body with a long snaking neck protruding from it, on which sat perched a single growing red eye.

Violet sighed sadly. Another dimension of evil robots.

She clenched her fists, charging up her Devastation Gauntlets, and waited for the thing to attack.

A to Z Challenge: Unsaid



Una wanted to tell her husband that she was tired of being taken for granted.

She wanted to tell him that her heart no long beat as rapidly as it used to when she was around him.

She wanted to tell him that she knew about the waitress at the diner, and the girl from the New Year’s Eve party. He was sloppy about covering his tracks.

She wanted to tell him that she had strayed as well (though she’d done a better job of hiding it) and had been enjoying the company of one of her colleagues for almost two months now.

She wanted to tell him that she loved their daughter dearly, but it wouldn’t be enough to hold their marriage together.

She wanted to scream at him, to curse at him until her voice turned hoarse, to let out every frustration she’d dealt with for the past 12 years.

But Una said nothing.

When her husband came home from work, an hour after she did (she knew why), she greeted him with a dutiful smile and a perfunctory kiss.

She let him wrap her in a constricting embrace, her body trained not to recoil from the stink of booze on his breath.

And without a word, she plunged the cold steel blade right between his ribs.

A to Z Challenge: Time



Time heals all wounds,

Or so it is said.

But even time has not the power

To bring back the dead.

Time marches on,

Waiting for no man.

They must keep pace with it

As best they can.

Time slips away,

Like each exhaled breath.

Every second ticks closer

Toward the shadow of death.

Time cannot be conquered,

It cannot be won.

It must be spent wisely

Until our time is done.