Three Line Tales: Silence

Photo Credit: Moritz Schmidt

They stared at her, unable to voice their horror.

She smiled and returned to her book.

Peace at last. Their silence was her reward.

I fell behind on Three Line Tales over the past month or so because of the April A to Z Challenge and various other matters that were pestering me for my attention. It’s time to get back into it. And I intend to catch up on all the prompts I missed, starting with Week Nine.


Three Line Tales: Fallen

Photo Credit: Alyssa Smith

When Randall Bowman was bitten by a genetically altered chameleon, he gained abilities he had never dreamed of.

Able to manipulate light and color, he dubbed himself Spectrum and dedicated his life to making the world a brighter place.

For some reason, he thought the chameleon had also granted him the power of flight, ending his superhero career but gaining immense fame as a work of street art.

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