#AtoZChallenge: Village of Villainy

The village of Bösedorf lies nestled somewhere near the Vogelsberg mountains, hidden away from most folk. It is often referred to as the Village of Villainy.

You might wonder why, and that would be a perfectly valid question to ask. Though really, if you think about it, the answer lies right in the name.

The Village of Villainy is a village full of villains. Hence the name Village of Villainy.

Thieves, highway robbers, cut-throats, swindlers and misers inhabit this sorry hovel of a village. They spend their days plotting their next heinous acts, and their nights in drunken revelry and debauchery. Oh, so much debauchery. I could spin a tale just out of that, but it would be inappropriate for most readers except those of a particularly saucy disposition.

But enough about the debauchery.

Many rumors and legends abound about the founding of Bosedorf. Some claim that the notorious robber baron Heinrich Heinrich had fled his homeland and created the village as a haven for vile fiends and rogues. Other believed that an ancient order of monks had founded Bosedorf to aid mankind but that their plans had gone horrendously awry when one of their own made a pact with dark forces and cast a shadow over the whole village. A more mundane theory suggested that escaped prisoners had settled there to hide out from the law and ended up forming a community over time. It’s the more likely explanation, but people usually go with the monk story.

Now in fairness I must admit that Bosedorf is not a bad place to pass through, provided you don’t have too many valuables on your person. The roguish sort do know how to have a good time, after all, and they know their way around an alehouse. But try not to stay there too long, or you may find yourself missing a few items, such as clothes or money or limbs. But if you can ignore the potential for destitution and doom, Bosedorf is not too bad a place at all.


15 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge: Village of Villainy

  1. Hi – is there a bypass? Sounds the best route – or fly over .. but to visit – I’m sure there are other villages with innocents in … no villains! Cheers Hilary

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  2. Nicely conceived. I guessed it was a cardboard box at, “and I hear a scraping sound.” Now I really want to know who’s calling, and will he get out of this before his bones are ground to make their bread.


      1. Haha! I don’t think you gave too much away, I think slowly revealing the setting makes the reader want to figure it out. Even concluding he’s in a box doesn’t answer all the other questions: How’d he get there? Who would have such a big box? Where in the world is he? And what’s going to happen to him?

        I firmly believe that because an author wrote every word, I should READ every word. Besides, I think the authors I like best compose the music of the language, and you can’t hear it if you aren’t a sharp reader. 🙂

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