A to Z Challenge: Vortex



Violet stared into the vortex that had opened up rather unexpectedly in her bedroom wall. Colors of all tones and hues swirled around in it, including some that she couldn’t even identify.

Where the vortex came from, or where it led to, she didn’t know. She didn’t really want to know. But she couldn’t stop staring at it. It was mesmerizing.

What secrets lay hidden within? Was it a gateway to another dimension? Another universe? She had no way of knowing. Unless…no. Her fingers hovered inches away from the swirling vortex. Perhaps she could just take a peek at the other side.

The vortex brightened, its colors blending together to form a blinding white sphere. Someone, or something, was coming through.

One clawed foot, attached to a leg made of some dark metallic substance, clanked against the floor. It was followed shortly by five more, attached to a horselike body with a long snaking neck protruding from it, on which sat perched a single growing red eye.

Violet sighed sadly. Another dimension of evil robots.

She clenched her fists, charging up her Devastation Gauntlets, and waited for the thing to attack.


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