A to Z Challenge: Obscuro



The hallway smelled of perfume and vintage wine. Oswald hurried along it nervously, heading for the looming double doors at the end.

At last, he came to the chamber. He entered, adjusting his tie and blinking in rapid bursts. Sweat beaded on his forehead, a few errant drops rolling down his nose.

The chamber yawned before him, its ceiling so high the gas lights couldn’t illuminate it. Shelves lined the walls of the room, covered in books and tomes of all sorts, some written in tongues that had long been forgotten. In the center was a large oak table sitting on a burgundy rug. Standing over it was a tall man in a dark gray suit. His skin was the color of ash, his hair wrought iron with streaks of silver at the temples. He was scanning through one of the tomes that lay open on the table, a long ashen finger gliding over the page.

Oswald cleared his throat. “Ah….Mr. Obscuro…sir…”

The gray man looked up, directing his steely eyes towards his portly visitor.


Adrian Obscuro’s face was impassive, his voice devoid of emotion. He turned his attention back to the book. “What news?”

“Ah…we’ve…we’ve found her. Sir.”

Adrian snapped his head up sharply, causing Oswald to almost tumble over backwards.


The word was a whisper, raising the hair’s on Oswald’s neck.

“In…ah…in a small town called Innsbrook, sir. It’s…ah…surrounded by strange magic. Very hard to find. Took our agents longer than expected to locate it. But…ah…but we did.”


Adrian tapped one long finger on the surface of the table, lost in thought.

“We can…ah…we can send our agents down there to get her.”


Adrian drew himself up to his full height and looked around the chamber as if for the first time.

“I’ve been cooped up in here too long. I could use some fresh air.”

Oswald licked his lips, blinking rapidly.

“Yes…ah…very good, sir. I’ll…ah…make the necessary arrangements.”

Adrian turned to the small man one last time.

“That will be all, Oswald.”

Oswald bowed low, backing away, and bolted out the door as fast as his stubby legs would take him.

Adrian folded his arms behind his back, allowing a smile to cross over his gray face.

Iridescence wouldn’t be able to elude him for much longer. His triumph was close at hand.


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