A to Z Challenge: Iridescence



The small town of Innsbrook was accustomed to strange happenings. Buildings moved around in the middle of the night, so nobody ever had a permanent address. A post office was set up on the town’s outskirts, and the townsfolk would pick up their mail from there. People changed as well, and not in a metaphorical sense. A young man might go to bed one night only to wake up twenty years older. Or an old man might sleep and wake up as a badger. None of these were uncommon occurrences in Innsbrook.

But even such a bizarre history could not have prepared the town for the arrival of its oddest new resident, Iridescence Levesque. Her name was well known to the pople of Innsbrook and the surrounding townships. It was a name many hoped never to hear except in passing. Ever since she was a little girl, Iridescence had been the subject of rumors and legends, both of which had grown as she did. It was believed that she was a sorceress, or just cursed with bad juju. All anyone knew for sure was that strange occurrences took place in her wake. Strange even for a town like Innsbrook.


On a bright spring morning, the mayor of Innsbrook was tending to his garden, which had moved to the edge of the town the previous night. As he was pruning one of his prized rose bushes, an odd sensation came over him. In an instant, he had sprouted bright blue feather, grown a long beak and transformed into a hummingbird. The former mayor flitted about the garden for a few moments before flying off, never to be seen in town again. This would be regarded as highly irregular.

Moments later, a carriage pulled up at the edge of town. The driver unloaded two large trunks and a bird cage containing a cockatoo with a vibrant scarlet crest. He opened the carriage door for his passenger, a young woman dressed in a cream colored shirt and dark trousers. A black traveling cloak was wrapped around her slender shoulders, contrasting sharply against her long silver hair. Her obsidian eyes twinkled and her marble smooth skin glittered like the finest gemstones. She had a slight purplish hue to her, but that lightened to a pale ivory as she stepped out into the sunlight.

The carriage promptly turned into a wild boar, glaring around with red eyes and tusks as long as carving knives. It darted off into the forest, followed by the distraught carriage driver. The young woman merely smiled, picked up her luggage and went on her way. Iridescence Cordelia Elizabeth Levesque had arrived at Innsbrook. And the town would never be the same.


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