A to Z Challenge: Attacked


The creature plunged its icy hand into Anna’s chest and thrust straight for her heart, squeezing it and making it beat even faster. Pain radiated through her as she tried to writhe free of its grasp, but there was nothing she could do. Her heart hammered away while stuck in that cold grip, and her veins filled with ice.

She had really believed that she would escape this time. That she would find a way to evade the beast. But she had underestimated it. It found her and, within moments, she was cornered. Unable to escape. Trapped. Her breath reduced to cold gasps, desperately seeking air to fill her deflating lungs.

And now it was all over. The beast had won. Anna could feel the color fading from her vision, her body growing ever colder. Soon all would be –

“Anna, are you ok?”

Kate knocked again on the door of the bathroom stall.


Anna gulped in a deep breath, her body drenched in a thin film of cold sweat.

“I’m…I’m fine, Kate. Just need a minute.”

Anna locked eyes with the beast, staring in to fathomless void. She couldn’t let it win. There were people she cared for, a life that, however imperfect, she had to live. She grabbed the beast’s wrist and slowly, painfully, extracted its hand from inside her. She would not succumb today.


Written for the April A to Z Challenge. Four days late, but I’ll catch up.


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