At the dawn of September,

A promise was made

To tell a new tale every day.

When the month was done,

the pen ran dry,

but in the mind stories bubbled away.

October cast a ghastly shadow,

Demanding a score of terrifying tales

To mark All Hallows’ Eve.

So the ink flowed again

To instill fear and horror,

Working without reprieve.

Now the spirits have gone,

Having played their tricks,

And returned to their realm with treats.

It is time to sheathe

The pen for a while

And to the world of slumber retreat.

The past two months have been as exhilarating as they’ve been exhausting. So, Tales of Unusual Strangeness is going on a 10-day hiatus as of yesterday so I can refresh my writing muscles. I’ve also been missing out on stuff written by many of the amazing bloggers who I follow, as well as my followers, because I’ve been stretched thin between work and story writing! So, this will be my time to play catch-up.

Of course, I’ll also be planting seeds of ideas during this time, which should blossom into full-grown tales on my return.


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