20 Tales of Terror – Day 9: The Depths

I am mesmerized by the ocean. It fills me with wonder. And terror.

Myths and legends tell of monsters that lurk beneath the waves. But even sea serpents and kraken know that they are not masters of the sea. They only serve it, dragging ships and sailors to the depths below to sate its unending hunger.

In the midst of a storm, the ocean shows its true face. A vicious beast, thrashing about and attacking any ship unfortunate enough to be on the water. Its waves foam at the mouth like rabid dogs and roar like thunder. Even the monsters of the sea are afraid of it and retreat to their submerged lairs.

On a calm day, the deep blue waters are a dazzling sight, offering only a small glimpse at what’s under the surface while keeping their deepest and darkest secrets well hidden. Gently rolling waves create a sense of tranquility that belies the dangers lurking below. The waters are deceptive, lulling its victims into a slow, painful death.

She went sailing on a calm morning. She had loved the water since birth. The ocean ran in her blood and called out to her. She answered. I watched the pristine white sailboat recede into the horizon on a sheet of perfect blue. She had a smile on her face, her hair blowing in a gentle breeze.

The boat was reported lost on a calm afternoon. Nobody could find any trace of it, and the ocean would not give up its secrets. After weeks of searching, only one conclusion could be reached: it had been dragged to the depths, with her on it, and that’s where it would remain. I knew I had to find her, give her the dignity of a burial, at least. But I would not go into the water. I refused to be fooled by its majesty.

Yet I cannot help myself from walking along its shore, scanning the horizon in hopes of seeing a white sailboat and young woman whose hair blew around her in the ocean breeze.

I am mesmerized by the ocean. It fills me with wonder. And terror.


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