20 Tales of Terror – Day 3: Flesh and Blood

The Mother

My dearest son, words cannot describe how happy I feel right now. The time of your birth draws near and I find myself growing ever more impatient to bring you into this world. You are in my flesh and my blood and my beating heart, and I long to hold you in my arms as you open your eyes for the first time.

I love you more than you know, although you are still sleeping in my belly. You are the culmination of all my hopes, dreams and wishes. For so long, I had prayed for you, prayed to be blessed with a child. But my prayers went unanswered, so I prayed to a different power instead. And one morning, I knew. You were there.

I have waited to long for this day to come. Made so many sacrifices for you. Your father’s life was taken so that you could be given life. My family paid the ultimate price so that I could afford to have you. With their blood, I have made you stronger, I have prepared you for the life you are meant to live.

Soon my son, you will be here, though we will not have much time together. One final sacrifice must be made in order for you to fully live. But for you, no sacrifice is too big.

I cannot wait to welcome you into this world, my son, so that one day you may destroy it.


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