Story A Day Challenge – Day 24: Pocketful of Tales

Stories Interrupted: Life seems to have gotten in the way for a bit. But ultimately, the stories must go on.

This prompt presented us with a series of photographs. We had to pick three that appealed to us and write a trio of corresponding micro stories. Here are my selections.

Mother’s Smile (Picture Here)

Grandma always wondered when my father would come back home. She would spend hours sitting on the veranda, waiting for him. She couldn’t accept that he was gone for good.

Nobody knew where he had gone, or if he was even alive.

Except Mom. She just smiled and said nothing.

Labor of Love (Picture Here)

“I wanna make a baby with you.”

“Oh, George.”

“I’m serious, doll. You and me, bringing life into this world.”

Lila gazed into George’s dark eyes as he caressed her arm.

They would eventually learn to be careful what they wished for. But it would be too late. For everyone.

Happily Ever After? (Picture Here)

Melinda wasn’t a happy bride.

Everyone remembered her wedding. The food was sumptuous and the music was lively. The groom could not stop smiling, but Melinda looked grim.

She was not a happy bride. She was not a happy wife.

But she was the happiest widow anyone had ever seen.


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