Story A Day Challenge – Day 22: Under The Same Roof

“Could you pass the gravy, please?”

“Oh, George. Maybe you should go a little easy. You know what the doctor said.”

“I don’t need any doctor telling me how to live my life, May. The gravy, please.”

“You really should slow down a bit, Dad.”

“Oh, not you too, Ricky. If a heart attack couldn’t take me down, I don’t think this gravy will.”

“When’re we gonna have ICE-CREAM?”

“As soon as you finish your broccoli, dear. So, tell me, Elise, has Ricky popped the question yet?”


“We…haven’t really thought that much about it, Mrs. Brown. In fact, I was having…umm…second thoughts..”

“Whoa…are you breaking up with me? During dinner with my family?!”

“Oh no. I’m sorry, Ricky. I probably shouldn’t have – ”

“It’s alright, Mrs. Brown. It wasn’t your fault.”

“I can’t believe this is happening!”

“I want ICE-CREAM!”

“Is this all the gravy we have in the house?”

Dr. Messner watched the drama unfold with complete fascination, taking detailed notes. He had never seen a case of dissociative identity disorder quite like this before.


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