Story A Day Challenge – Day 9: Star Crossed

Today’s prompt was quite interesting. Listen to a piece of music and use the feelings it evokes to write a story. I was worried it would leave me stymied, but as the piece concluded, I had my tale.

Ophelia’s heart fluttered as she waited for Rodrigo to arrive in the old church. She longed to hear the sound of his voice, to feel the touch of his hands, so rough against her soft skin yet so gentle. She longed for the feel of his skin against hers, their hearts beating in unison, their souls joined as one. He was her world now, as she knew that she was his.

She could feel herself shivering in anticipation of his arrival. It was an important night for the both of them. At last, their secret courtship would come to an end. They would turn their backs on their feuding families and set off to start a new life together. It would be difficult. Their names were known to everyone in the city. They would become pariahs. But it would be worth it in the end. She knew it in her heart. She and Rodrigo were destined to be.

Footsteps echoed along the church floor. Ophelia smiled, smoothing down her snow white wedding dress. It was time. She turned around and froze, the smile fleeing from her face. Her former suitor, Eduardo, stood at the altar, his face grim and a bloodied knife in his hands. Ophelia’s heart threatened to burst out of her chest. She knew what had happened. And she knew what would happen now.

It was over in one swift slashing motion. Eduardo walked out of the church, feeling no satisfaction from what he had done.

Ophelia lay on the floor, her dress stained red. As her world faded into darkness, she knew she would see Rodrigo soon. And they would be together forever.


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