Only One

Food and time are in short supply. Not enough to sustain both of us.

I can already feel the infection coursing through my body. It won’t be long before I turn.

If I kill myself, she might have a chance at survival in the overrun city.

If I kill her, while my mind’s still intact, it’ll be a small mercy. Then I can join the bloodthirsty hordes on the streets.

One gun, one bullet, one decision. Only one of us walks out of here.

The old revolver feels heavy in my hands. My trembling finger caresses the trigger.

It’s time.


2 thoughts on “Only One

    1. Ah, but he wouldn’t want her to suffer too much. One clean shot should take care of it.

      But what if…he chose himself?

      I suppose the simplest thing for him to do would be to leave without shooting anyone. But maybe he does want blood on his hands after all…


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