Lord of His Domain

“What would you like me to do, Master?”

“Do you promise to obey me, no matter what the command?”

“Oh yes, my Master. Anything for you.”

“Do you promise to love and treasure me above all else?”

“Always, Master.”

“Do you swear absolute fealty to me, rejecting all other authority?”

“Umm…yes…yes, Master…”

“Do you swear to treat my word as law? And to stand by my side as I enforce my law across the world, subjugating the meek populace and destroying all who dare to oppose me?”

“Honey, I think this roleplaying exercise has gotten out of hand.”


3 thoughts on “Lord of His Domain

    1. You absolutely can. I’m glad you liked it!

      A previous post of mine, called ‘The Break-Up’ is also heavily dialogue-based (only the last two lines are in the third person). It’s a bit longer than this one, but feel free to check it out as well. 🙂


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