Rained Out

This story is for a flash fiction prompt by Laura Feasey. The theme is ‘water’ and the challenge is to write a story in 400 words or less within a week from the posting of the prompt. So here we are…

Jen and Andy had been running for a long time. It was raining. Their clothes were completely soaked, clinging to their bodies. Their shoes squelched across the muddy ground. When they’d first started dating, they loved running through the streets on rainy nights until they found a quiet place to warm their wet bodies together. This was nothing like those nights.

An abandoned farmhouse lay up ahead. They turned to look behind them, seeing nothing but rain drops falling in the dark. With no other option, they ran toward whatever meager shelter the dilapidated building provided. All the doors were broken and not a single window had any glass in it. Gaping holes in the roof invited the rain inside. Still, it would have to do.

Jen leaned against a mildewed wall, clutching her ribs. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d run so fast. Probably never. Andy was kneeling on the floor, gulping in ragged lungfuls of air. They were safe. But not for long.

A tall figure stalked toward the farmhouse, shrouded in darkness. Flashes of lightning illuminated him briefly, but he went by unnoticed. He slunk in through the side door that hung by its hinges, taking care not to make a sound. One more step into the musty gloom. The splish of a puddle under his foot. He swore. They’d heard him.

Andy lunged out of the shadows, knocking the tall man to the ground. The both of them grappled on the slippery floor as Jen stood by holding a half-rusted length of pipe, waiting for an opportunity. The man kicked Andy off of him and jumped to his feet. Jen charged and swung the pipe. It connected with the man’s jaw, sending blood and spittle flying into the rain. He was still standing.

Andy got up to tackle the man again. A shot rang out and Andy fell. His blood swirled with the puddles on the floor. Screaming, Jen swung again. Another shot, and she fell too. The man stood still for some moments, then proceeded to dispose of the bodies. There was a trapdoor leading to a disused pantry. Nobody would look for them there.

The tall man walked out onto the wet grass. Another contract fulfilled. It was time to go and collect his payment. After that, he’d head some place warm. Some place without rain.


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