Birthday Gift

“Happy birthday sweetheart!”

“Aww, thanks, honey!”

“I know things have been rough, but I’m gonna make up for it. Today, you can have anything you like.”


“Name it, and it’s yours.”


“Cross my heart, baby.”

“Hmm, alright then. For my present, I want…you to kill your wife.”

4 thoughts on “Birthday Gift

  1. It was my birthday yesterday. your short story has suddenly ignited so many weird feelings within me! feelings of depression, of course! whatever! trying not to care my depression! move on! one life, one chance! no time to make life miserable with depression, right? anyway, good write-up! I was almost shocked reading that! thought for a moment, who is out there to read my brain-waves?! but I like it. I write, but it is still a mystery to me that how do writers come up with new ideas!!!

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    1. A belated Happy Birthday, Mushfiqua! I’m glad you liked the story!

      Definitely wasn’t expecting it to arouse so many emotions. I think that’s really cool, though I hope your feelings of depression didn’t last long.

      Thanks for the comment!

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