An Army Gathers

After much procrastination and stalling, I finally started up my short story blog a couple of months ago. At last, I’d be able to kick all the stories out of my mind and set them on their own pah, making their way to readers the world over.

There were doubts, of course. Would anybody like them? Read them, even? Was this whole thing a disaster? For the first couple of weeks, it sure felt that way. I was posting infrequently, and what I did post fell through the cracks, unseen.

Until one day, the wind picked up, blowing my fingers across the keyboard in a flurry of bite-sized tales. With it, came the readers, ravenous for these odd morsels. And today, I was extremely pleased to see this:

50 Tales

It’s a small achievement, to be sure, but one that I’m very proud of. Just yesterday, my nonfiction blog, Stranger in a Strange Mind, hit the same milestone, so there’s a lot to be happy about for me! A big thank you to my readers and followers for…well, reading and following! And don’t worry, I’ll make sure to keep your appetites sated. There are still plenty of unusually strange tales to tell!


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